Personal Styling

Have you ever found yourself looking through your closet trying to figure out what you want to wear? Well, that seems to be the case with so many of us including myself for some time. It wasn’t until I had a clear understanding of my color palette, fashion style and personality, that I was able to open up my closet and choose an outfit for any given occasion. I am here to help you pull the look you want to wear to flatter your everyday style and or occasion.

Why hire a personal Stylist you ask? Well, I can help you put your look together in a few simple steps. As your stylist, I can create a unique look for you for any given occasion allowing to glow when walking into a room.


Book your Free Consultation to discuss any of the following:

  • New Look
  • Wardrobe Makeover
  • Hair and Makeup Look
  • Special Occasion Wardrobe Styling

Depending on your specific needs and budget, I will complete a style survey, and will work with you to help you achieve that specific look you are looking for, but need help accomplishing. I am your go to person.

Helping you pull the right look that will flatter your sense of style and your everyday living?

Let me help you by advising you in the new fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, hairstyle and makeup to fit your personal needs. I will give you ideas and suggestions on the new fashion trends and the different variety of clothing styles, seasonal colors that look best on you. Learn the know how’s on dressing according to your body shape and don’t be held back to the ever changing trends. “Look Good” “Feel Great!“”

First we will complete a seasonal color analysis to determine what colors are most flattering on you and make your skin, eyes and hair glow leaving you looking and feeling AMAZING!

Second we will select a wardrobe by shopping for you, according to your needs and providing you with several choices to select from, we will then arrange to meet at the store which I will have all the looks pulled for you and ready for a fitting upon arrival, to get the perfect look you are looking for, thus saving you time.

We can also bring the selected looks to your home if preferred, depending on your specific needs allowing you to feel comfortable in your new look. Defining yourself and your own unique personal style can be one of the best attributes any individual can possess, allowing you to dress for success in any given situation. Getting the ideal look and making a statement by conveying the proper message, when you walk into a room.

I know that after you have a better understanding of your seasonal color palette (warm, deep, cool, light, clear or muted) your everyday struggles with what to wear becomes easy breezy and less time consuming. Making it fun and helping you to better understand the color theory and how to make it work to your advantage and dress with confidence.


Wardrobe Styling

Update your current wardrobe and make it more versatile by purging your closet of unworn items that do not fit properly, are out of style, or do not define your new image. Remix what you already have in your closet to create new outfits from your existing wardrobe without having to purchase new clothing.

Your wardrobe will be organized to give you new ideas, looks and a new refreshing image. I will show you how to make new outfits from your existing wardrobe and incorporate new trendy and or classic pieces and or accessories to create the season’s hottest trends to update your look.

I will discuss which colors are more flattering and work best for you, for every season. I will be able to identify which items to get rid of, donate and or make alterations to make your wardrobe pieces work for you. I will create a capsule wardrobe and incorporate different pieces from your closet to create different outfits and looks, allowing you to save time when getting dressed and money when you shop for any new items you may need.

Being conscious of what you need, will allow you to save money in the long run. By allowing you to pinpoint what you need versus what you want to make it work. I can help you understand what styles work best for your body shape, style and personality. Knowledge is POWER!!! And understanding what color, shape and style works best for you will be an everlasting change in your life, when shopping and getting dressed for any given occasion.

I will create a shopping list for you so that you know exactly what you need to incorporate more looks to your current wardrobe. You will be EXCITED to learn how your capsule wardrobe can help you on your everyday dressing by saving you time.


Well, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothes and accessories that include a few essential items from your existing wardrobe. You can create a:

  • Business capsule wardrobe
  • Trendy and Everyday capsule wardrobe
  • Evening capsule wardrobe


Depending on your needs, I will start with 11 pieces from your current wardrobe and create different looks from what you have on hand in your closet. I will Incorporate timeless pieces if needed, leaving you with pictures of the different looks so that you will know exactly what to wear at any given moment, thus saving you time by not having to think about what to wear.

Call me to make an appointment and let me help you identify your current wardrobe weaknesses and strength, so that you will know exactly “the know how’s” when it comes to putting your looks together and making an impression when walking into a room. “Fill In The Missing Pieces”. Create a unique and lasting image.



Image and first impression is extremely important to everyone. I believe that when you enhance any individual’s fashion style, they will discover their unique personality, character and inner-beauty.

If you are looking for your own unique style and foundation for discovering and creating style elements that help you project your ideal image, due to a recent job change, divorce, weight loss or just self-image improvement, you have come to the right place. Let me help you achieve your goal after a consultation so that I can get a full understanding of your everyday style, personality and budget. I can work with any budget to help you achieve a fit and style that works best for you.

When you look your best, you feel confidence and capable of achieving what is presented to you at any given time. “Look Good”, “Feel Great

Enhancing your style builds confidence and will help drive personal and professional success.

I have to understand how much time you can invest to maintain you look on a daily basis. This is crucial so that you are able to keep up with your new look on a day to day basis. I will evaluate your face shape and scale when making suggestions for a certain haircut and style to fit your unique personality and every day living.

Most Importantly, I want you to feel comfortable with your new look. I strive for my client’s satisfaction as each client’s needs are unique depending on the individual. I want you to feel GREAT and CONFIDENT, so that you stand out in a crowd. I believe that “EVERYONE” should be “Their Own KIND OF BEAUTIFUL”.