Personal Styling


Have you ever found yourself looking through your closet trying to figure out what you want to wear? Well, that seems to be the case with so many of us including myself for some time. It wasn’t until I had a clear understanding of my color palette, fashion style and personality, that I was able to open up my closet and choose an outfit for any given occasion. I am here to help you pull the look you want to wear to flatter your everyday style and or occasion.

Why hire a personal Stylist you ask? Well, I can help you put your look together in a few simple steps. As your stylist, I can create a unique look for you for any given occasion allowing to glow when walking into a room.

shop-with-confidenceHere’s How it Works:

Once you have booked an appointment, (Free Consultation) I’ll get back to you, to find out what you’re looking for, whether it’s a:

– New Look

– Complete Makeover, Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

– Special Occasion: Wedding, New Job

Depending on your specific needs and budget, I will complete a style survey, and will work with you to help you achieve that specific look you are looking for, but need help accomplishing. I am your go to person.

Helping you pull the right look that will flatter your sense of style and your everyday living?

Let me help you by advising you in the new fashion trends, clothing styles, colors, hairstyle and makeup to fit your personal needs. I will give you ideas and suggestions on the new fashion trends and the different variety of clothing styles, seasonal colors that look best on you. Learn the know how’s on dressing according to your body shape and don’t be held back to the ever changing trends. “Look Good” “Feel Great!“”

First we will complete a seasonal color analysis to determine what colors are most flattering on you and make your skin, eyes and hair glow leaving you looking and feeling AMAZING!

styling a manSecond we will select a wardrobe by shopping for you, according to your needs and providing you with several choices to select from, we will then arrange to meet at the store which I will have all the looks pulled for you and ready for a fitting upon arrival, to get the perfect look you are looking for, thus saving you time.

We can also bring the selected looks to your home if preferred, depending on your specific needs allowing you to feel comfortable in your new look. Defining yourself and your own unique personal style can be one of the best attributes any individual can possess, allowing you to dress for success in any given situation. Getting the ideal look and making a statement by conveying the proper message, when you walk into a room.

I know that after you have a better understanding of your seasonal color palette (warm, deep, cool, light, clear or muted) your everyday struggles with what to wear becomes easy breezy and less time consuming. Making it fun and helping you to better understand the color theory and how to make it work to your advantage and dress with confidence.

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