What is a Make Over? It is a quick fix that can make you look incredible – or just incredibly different. My goal is to incorporate a successful image with a style that fits into your daily life. I will transcend an image that helps you better express who you are and your intent in any given situation.

Why a Make Over you ask? Well, first impressions tend to form patterns of the interaction between you and others and that’s why image matters. Having a handle on your personal image, is the most powerful tool you can have to achieve personal and social credibility.

Are You Ready for a Make Over Or A New Look?

style-makeover-nycImage and first impression is extremely important to everyone. I believe that when you enhance any individual’s fashion style, they will discover their unique personality, character and inner-beauty.

If you are looking for your own unique style and foundation for discovering and creating style elements that help you project your ideal image, due to a recent job change, divorce, weight loss or just self-image improvement, you have come to the right place. Let me help you achieve your goal after a consultation so that I can get a full understanding of your everyday style, personality and budget. I can work with any budget to help you achieve a fit and style that works best for you.

When you look your best, you feel confidence and capable of achieving what is presented to you at any given time. “Look Good”, “Feel Great

Enhancing your style builds confidence and will help drive personal and professional success.

I have to understand how much time you can invest to maintain you look on a daily basis. This is crucial so that you are able to keep up with your new look on a day to day basis. I will evaluate your face shape and scale when making suggestions for a certain haircut and style to fit your unique personality and every day living.

Most Importantly, I want you to feel comfortable with your new look. I strive for my client’s satisfaction as each client’s needs are unique depending on the individual. I want you to feel GREAT and CONFIDENT, so that you stand out in a crowd. I believe that “EVERYONE” should be “Their Own KIND OF BEAUTIFUL”.

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