Darlene Free Makeover & Testimonial

Darlene Free Makeover & Testimonial

As my birthday was approaching I knew that I had to start shopping for an amazing outfit to make my birthday celebration special. I’m a very simple woman all the way around. I do not dress up or wear makeup often.

I was approached by Alexandra about giving me a Make Over for my birthday, I was a bit hesitant but knowing Alexandra, I knew I could trust her completely, especially with her amazing sense of style. The makeover would consist of hair, make-up & clothing.

After agreeing to the makeover, the transition started with a trip to the salon. Leaving it all in her hands, I agreed to a haircut (yes, I gave a bit of a fight). That same week I was shown a few different looks that I was hesitant with since it called for me stepping out of my comfort zone. Alexandra was extremely patient and understanding with me, making sure I felt comfortable with the new look. She shopped and found an outfit that was a perfect fit for me. . She definitely pulled through with something casual but yet sexy that allowed me to feel comfortable. She called on a make-up artist and gave her direction on what she wanted my makeup to look
like, it was perfect! My new look lit up my face and I looked and felt like another person. I LOVED it! I was extremely pleased and excited with my new look.

The compliments were endless, I definitely felt incredibly beautiful and happy with the end results, DEFINITELY well worth it. I am still receiving compliments on how amazingly beautiful I looked on my birthday. Working with Alexandra was an all-around great experience, I would recommend her to everyone and anyone that was looking for a Makeover or just a new look for any special event, she is definitely the go to person.

– Darlene Free, NY, NY



  • I had a dream of a new business to start, Woke up with Make me over!!! With this same idea in mind!!! Ppl love my vintage classic style and I have shopped for a few friends. I have 3 teenage to adult age girls and wanted to add there young fresh Ideas! One daughter attends fashion school with a friends that does hair and make up!!!! Decided to look up the name and here you are!!! Never been to NY, i LIVE IN MO. If you have any insight please email me!! God is in control, not sure where this will go, but Im off!!!! Thanks, Nicole York

    • Alexandra says: (Author)
      March 19, 2015 at 4:36 am


      Hi Nicole,
      Thank you for visiting my site, this has been my dream for some time and I have finally decided to follow it. I LIVE for making people feel beautiful within and help them by showing them different techniques which they can use to enhance their everyday look. Like they say “Look Good” “Feel Great”, nothing like self awareness of self. I am a firm believer that “Everyone Should Be Their Own Kind of Beautiful”. I would love to talk to you and share my knowledge. Please feel free to call me at 516-466-6789.

      Wishing you a SPECTACULAR day!!!

      Best Regards,

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